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Life Clips Subsidiary Cognitive Apps Software Solutions Introduces Intuitive AI Chat Bot Solutions Delivering CBT And IPT Therapies For Mental Health Disorders

By June 29, 2021No Comments
Mental health is one of the biggest pandemic issues we will face in the near future

AVENTURA, Fla., June 29, 2021 — Life Clips, Inc. (OTC Pink: LCLP) (the “Company”) today announced that its subsidiary Cognitive Apps Software has introduced a game changing Chatbot solution for both cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT). Cognitive Apps Chatbot is an interactive assistant that makes it easy to measure, understand, and improve mental health of a person. The soon to be released version combines cognitive behavioral therapy and elements of interpersonal psychotherapy with the company’s conversational chatbot to deliver treatment directly through patients’ phones.

The solution is backed by science and based on voice tone analysis and context analysis utilizing Cognitive Apps’ proprietary artificial intelligence (AI). The chatbot interaction includes revolutionary features, such as general mood analysis, actual emotion detection, and mental health state tracking. Integration with health data gathering tools (sleep, physical activity) allows receiving data in passive mode and makes mental health analytics results more accurate and objective. The chatbot will observe and improve mental health state of the individual using it. It also allows therapists to monitor patients’ mental health level, while analyzing the efficiency of prescriptions and treatment. Many enterprises will find the chatbot useful to monitor overall company mental health level, analyze return on investment, detect early signs of burnout, depression, and/or anxiety.

The chatbot works as an individual makes daily check-ins with voice or text messages. It further analyzes his or her emotions, daily mood and mental health state. For an individual the chatbot displays analysis results and suggest suitable content. For a therapist the chatbot utilizes a dashboard to display the mental health state, wellbeing statistics, and medication history for selected groups of patients, while providing an individual-level of analytics. For an enterprise the dashboard displays the data in an encrypted & non-personalized form and illumination that drives immediate decisions.

Cognitive Apps is the creator of the popular Yuru 3-in-1 tool for understanding and managing mental health. The Company recently announced a successful launch of Yuru on Apple’s App Store. Yuru was developed by a team of licensed psychotherapists as a personal mental health monitor that screens early signs of mental health conditions, such as stress and depression. With a 10 second voice recording Yuru utilizes vocal biomarkers to recognize an individual’s current emotional state and mood. Yuru is considered by many to be an innovative application in the field of psychological assistance, since it allows individuals to track their mental health while providing them with extensive knowledge about human development and the psychology of everyday life.

According to a healthcare chatbot market report by UnivDatos Market Insights, the Global Healthcare Chatbot Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.56% from 2021-2027 to reach US 967.7 million by 2027. The healthcare chatbot market report was aggregated by collecting informative data of various dynamics such as market drivers, restraints, and opportunities. This innovative report makes use of several analyses to get a closer outlook on the healthcare chatbot market. The report state that the chatbot finds its key application in the e-commerce industry. But in the healthcare industry, the use of healthcare chatbots is witnessing astronomical growth. Chatbots in the healthcare industry are depicted as the software developed with machine learning algorithms that offer an engrossing way to connect or communicate with patients and provide them real-time assistance.i

Dr. Manideep Gopishetty, CEO and Co-founder of Cognitive Apps, said, “The ability to provide immediate, and accessible mental health care is a monumental achievement. The Coronavirus lockdown took its toll on the mental health of many people. Cognitive Apps chatbot utilizes interactions with mood and emotions tracking through vocal biomarkers to help people manage their emotional health during their day-to-day life.”

Robert Grinberg, CEO and of Life Clips, Inc. said, “A recent survey by the Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association revealed 84 percent of adults in the United States say the country has “serious societal issues” that need to be addressed. 84 percent of adults said they experienced at least one emotion tied to prolonged stress in the prior 2 weeks, with the most common being anxiety at 47 percent, sadness at 44 percent, and anger at 39 percent. Cognitive Apps chatbot solution is one of the many ways Life Clips plans to help individuals manage mental health issues and improve their quality of life.”

About Life Clips, Inc.

Life Clips is the parent company of Cognitive Apps Software Solutions Inc. and distributes single-use and cordless batteries under the Mobeego brand for use with cellular phones and other mobile devices. Cognitive Apps is an AI-Powered mental health analytics platform that empowers businesses to measure, understand, and improve mental well-being of their employees, patients and customers. Drug development for mental health disorders and other cognitive impairments is hampered by the inability to identify at risk groups before the onset of clinically significant symptoms, as well as continuous assessments on the progress made by the participants. Cognitive Apps is addressing this problem by pioneering a speech-based AI technology which could help accurately predict risk for various types of depression and mood and anxiety-based disorders years before a clinical diagnosis is obtained. Our technology can help detect and monitor subtle changes in mental state by assessing individuals more frequently and more objectively than the assessments used today.

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