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About Life Clips, Inc.

Life Clips, Inc. (OTC: LCLP) is the parent company of Belfrics Global and Cognitive Apps Software Solutions Inc. Belfrics Global is a Malaysian based blockchain provider and cryptocurrency exchange and platform that is licensed and regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), Malaysia. With 10 operational offices in 8 countries, Belfrics’s multi-feature trading platform offers digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and crypto derivative contracts to its clients. Belfrics blockchain has been recognized by Gartner as being a top 10 blockchain in terms of real-world projects and has received a patent for its Belrium KYC verification System (BKVS) by the Nigerian patent authority. Cognitive Apps is disrupting the space of mental health with its speech-based, AI-powered mental health analytics platform that empowers businesses to measure, understand, and improve the mental well-being of their employees, patients, and customers. Aiki delivers CBT and IPT therapies using a chatbot which and includes the voice analysis solution that takes in other health data from Apple and Google HealthKit to make a more accurate analysis of one’s mental health. Aiki was developed to capitalize on the trend towards artificial intelligence platforms utilized by individuals and companies to raise awareness of employees’ mental health. Cognitive Apps is developed by a team of licensed psychotherapists that makes use of vocal biomarkers to screen for early signs of mental health conditions, such as stress and depression. Aiki is available on Apple‘s App Store.

Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange

Belfrics Group is a global blockchain technology firm that runs cryptocurrency exchanges on its proprietary platform. The company has a growing presence in Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific regions. Belfrics Group’s suite of comprehensive blockchain technology solutions helps businesses bring transparency and decentralization to their operations.

Identity-integrated completely interoperable blockchain

Blockchain Technology-based services, solutions, and product development

International research center and skill development

KYC-enabled smart digital asset trading platform with leading exchange rates

One-stop-shop for global blockchain and cryptocurrency news

Decentralized applications for major consumer based utility services

AI-Powered Mental Health Analytics Platform

Cognitive Apps is an AI-Powered mental health analytics platform that empowers businesses to measure, understand, and improve mental well-being of their employees, patients and customers.

Today’s healthcare providers need to find new ways to connect with their patients and improve processes across the continuum of care. Having access to a complete patient history pulled from multiple sources is the first step on the journey to better communication, higher productivity and improved patient outcomes.

The Workforce Mental Health Analytical Platform designed by Cognitive Apps addresses this problem for mental health disorders in both hospitals and clinics. It delivers a comprehensive approach to well-being, supporting the whole person, demonstrating care from the organization and integrating with the whole ecosystem.

Cognitive Apps provides instant, data-driven and actionable insight into the workforce dynamics and mental health of employees and patients. Cognitive Apps uses AI-controlled mental health monitoring tools that use voice tone and context analysis to analyze tone and emotional state. User data is not stored but instantly deleted after the analysis and all storage and data solutions are HIPAA and GDPR-compliant.

Cognitive Apps has filed an FDA pre-market notification 510 (k) process to make its solution a part of clinical workflow in modern mental health care facilities across the world.

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